Fixed deposits (FDs) provide a great means to earn higher rates of interest in your savings. FD accounts typically give compounded interest rates and are applicable for 1-10 years in general.

DHFL has one of the most comprehensive fixed deposit schemes in all the banking firms operating in India. With a history of satisfied customers through its 3 decades of history, DHFL is a great choice for opening FD accounts. DHFL fixed deposit products offer high returns, liquidity and safety of funds, as apparent from the BWR FAAA rating by Brickworks, and AAA (FD) rating by CARE.

DHFL’s diversity of products allows different categories of customers such as individuals, societies, trusts, clubs and companies to open FD accounts with tenures between 1 to 10 years, and offers high interest rates up to 10.50%.

DHFL offers customized FD schemes. The firm has an array of FD products namely – Aashray Deposit Plus (Individuals), Aashray Deposit Plus (Trusts and Institutions), Swayamsidha Deposit (Women), and Aashray Deposit Plus (Double My Money).

DHFL fixed deposit schemes

Aashray Deposit Plus (Individual): This is meant for individuals and offers high interest rates from 9.50% to 10.50%. Customers can also expect yields between 9.73% and 17.17%, in addition to an accidental death insurance cover of ₹1 lakh (in case of joint FD, on the name of the first depositor). This FD scheme may be availed for as little as ₹10,000 deposit.

Aashray Deposit Plus (Trusts and Institutions): This scheme is meant for trusts, associations, clubs and societies, and offers interest rates between 9.50% and 10.60%. Availing this FD scheme from DHFL also qualifies depositors for Depositors Tax Exemption of Income Tax Act under Section 11 (5) (ix).

Aashray Deposit Plus (Double My Money): This is an exclusive FD scheme that provides high yields and great interest rates to individuals, and facilitates 100% growth of the deposit in 83-88 months (standard tenure).

Swayamsidha Deposit (Women): This scheme is applicable for women and provides interest rates up to 10.45% and tenure of 18 months. Additionally, yield rates as high as 11.01% are provided, and senior citizen and privileged women can avail another 0.40% on interest rates.

headerBest features of DHFL fixed deposit schemes

  • One of the safest and reliable earnings on long/medium/short term deposits.
  • Higher interest rates for longer tenures.
  • Additional rate of interest of 0.40% for specific customers including armed forces personnel, DHFL home loan customers, senior citizens, DHFL shareholders, and widows.
  • Timely and quick payments with a hassle-free process.
  • Liquid investments, and interest payments can be made through ECS.

Apart from these features, DHFL fixed deposit schemes also provide ₹1 lakh of free accidental death insurance coverage.


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