The crafting of gold into intricate and exquisite jewellery is an art form that takes many years of dedicated effort and patience to master. Goldsmiths in Kerala have not only honed their skills and attained mastery of this craft, but have also customized it to suit the needs of people in the region by giving it a very specific kind of aesthetic appeal. Not by any small coincidence, gold necklaces (particularly the bridal ones) in Kerala have their own unique style and are sought after the world over.

Goldsmiths purchase gold at the current gold rate in Kerala, and get to work making these masterpieces. Gold jewellery and necklaces in Kerala are very popular, and people buy gold not only to establish their level of success and standing in society, but also as a very effective investment.



  • Jasmine bud (Mulla Mottu) necklaces have small ‘petals’ of gold all along the length of the necklace, masterfully crafted to very specific standards of size, uniformity of the petals, and quality.
  • Lakshmi Mala necklaces have many gold coins imprinted with the image of the goddess Lakshmi, and are connected with smaller pieces of gold to the main spine of the necklace. It’s a lot of gold, and the central gold coin is generally larger than the others, which are all of a uniform size and weight.
  • Palakka Mala necklaces are a perfect example of gold and precious stones used together to create a stunning work of jewellery, which has both gold and stones used in such a proportion that they complement each other, and enhance the overall beauty of the piece.
  • Kaasu Mala necklaces are among the most lavish necklaces that use a large number of gold coins set very close to each other, hanging individually off the spine of the necklace. Gold coins of a standard size and weight are flatly overlapped very close to each other to give the impression that it is a single thick necklace of gold, but each is allowed to shine individually as they are not directly connected to each other.
  • Pathkam necklaces are basically pendants with gold chains, but the mastery of the goldsmiths has brought these to the forefront in terms of popularity. The pendants are usually huge single chunks of gold moulded to be aesthetically appealing, and hang perfectly in the centre of a fine gold chain.


All the styles of gold necklaces can be found in popular locations to buy gold in Kerala.


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