How to apply for a Canadian Work Permit

The H1B visa offered by the US government has been mired in a number of controversies for quite some time with its immigration board working to reduce intake of foreign nationals. As Donald Trump, an anti-immigrant leader has won the presidential elections, chances of overseas professionals getting an entry into USA seems to have slumped furthermore.

What currently appears to be a downside for US, looks like a clear-cut advantage for Canada. Led by a charismatic, progressive leader namely, Justin Trudeau and equipped with plenty of interesting career opportunities, Canada is turning out to be a new favourite for India’s skilled immigrants. Besides, Prime Minister Trudeau-led country offers a much better lifestyle and has a vastly lower crime rate when compared to its immediate neighbour.

But when considering such aspects,, an important question arises: how can one get a Canadian work permit?

To begin with, it’s certainly an arduous, long drawn-out process, and can often result in a lot of heartache, for sure. However, all hard work seems to pay itself off once an individual settles in Canadia. In this article we will talk about the various Canadian government agencies one can correspond with to get their work permit issue sorted.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary Foreign Worker Program works extremely well in giving individuals with opportunities to get a Canadian work permit. For instance, if an individual is living abroad and the country they are residing in isn’t on the International Experience Canada list or seem to have missed the pool, they need to find an employer who is willing to hire them. There’s a catch to this, though.

Firstly, the employer must be able to recruit or advertise saying that no Canadian willing to do the job. If there aren’t anyone to find, the company need to get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) documents—which are required before hiring a foreign national—in place. Once these documents are dealt with, one can apply for a work permit, by offering the job offer and contract as proof.

International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada is a federal government program which allows young people from across the world travel to work in Canada. This could either be through a working holiday, young professional, or an international cooperative internship.

While the general age limit to participate in this program is between 18 and 35, certain countries have a slightly different age limitations. To get into Canada, an individual needs to become part of an IEC pool. Every participating will be given a maximum number who could become a part of this pool. For instance, UK in 2011 got only 6000 such spots, which were taken up within a span of days.

In case an individual lands a spot through the IEC, they can stay in Canada for a period of 12 months to 24 months and don’t necessarily need an employment waiting for them. These spots once taken however, cannot be repeated.

International Mobility Program

This program allows employees in a Canadian MNC to transfer themselves to a branch office in Canada. A prerequisite to this is the employee needs to have worked in the firm for at least 3 years. Accepting an individual’s request though is entirely up to the employer’s discretion.Although, the chances of an individual getting into Canada is relatively slim, considering the limitations of these schemes, they are still the best options available.